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"What is it?" I hear you cry.

The Stoney Cove Temperature finder was born from many, many posts to uk.rec.scuba asking exactly the same thing, "What's the temperature like at Stoney at the moment?".

For those of you who don't know what Stoney Cove is, you are probably so far from the page you want that you might as well keep reading!  Stoney Cove is the busiest inland diving site in the UK, an old quarry allowed to flood and now boasting, dive shop, changing facilities, food (although this has been debated in the past) and a pub.

For those of you that do know what Stoney Cove is, I guess you are wondering how it works.  Its very simple, if you have been to Stoney Cove before, I would like you to enter the dates and temperatures when you were there.  If this is your first time here you will need to pick a username and password - this is not for any security purposes, lets face it raw Stoney Cove temperature data is not exactly deadly stuff, but to introduce a bit of integrity to the data.  There are no personal details taken so you are not going to get spammed. 

Moving swiftly on, the more people enter their temperature data, the more accurate the temperature estimates will become and the more I will be able to do with the data (see if global warming is affecting Stoney Cove - see if the temperature increases on Saturday and Sunday from the combined body heat of several hundred eager trainees etc.).  If you have a look at the Statistics Page you will see how the collection is progressing - if you can fill in a blank day, or add to others please dig out your logbook...

You will find that the graphs are somewhat rudimentary at the moment - I will be working on making them prettier and getting more analysis in there for you all.  I will also at some point in the future be looking at other popular sites (both inland and coastal).

NOTE:  When entering temperatures if you have them for a range of depths, please use the 21m level.

That's it!  Go play!  Enjoy!