Proposed Updates to the Stoney Cove Temperature Finder

Well, there are no more updates going to happen to the Stoney Cove Temperature Finder.  Why?  Because if I'm updating this then the "Everywhere Temperature Finder" will never get built!

The general idea is the same however temperatures will be entered against each of the UK inland sites or an area of sea.  It will be built so that extra areas can be "plugged in" with the minimum of fuss so if any of the scuba newsgroups, fora or bulletin boards get bombarded with "What's the temperature at...?", it can be taken care of pretty quickly!

So for the UK my current proposed list of areas are... well as the inland sites.  If anyone is particularly keen on Eire then let me have the place names where I should chop it up!  Obviously if you have better suggestions for the above areas let me know too.


The new system will encompass depth values against the measurements, the type of device used for the measurement (to see if we can prove the theory that Suuntos always read 3 degrees high), and anything else that might be useful.


It goes without saying that your userIDs and data will be ported across from the StoneyTemps site.


The reporting system on the new version will be much more sophisticated and will provide me with hours of pain to get the interface right but I will do my best to get it right.


Finally if any of you are into this project at all, drop me a line and I'll get you to help with the testing and whatnot.




Calum (email)